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Essential shops surround our rental apartment in Nice. Let’s say that 8-10 minutes walk, you will find everything you need.

Essential shops: Organic food

Organic food

There are two organic supermarkets in the immediate vicinity of the apartment:

Corner of Rue de France and Boulevard Gambetta
4 mins walk

Essential shops surround our rental apartment in Nice and close the seaBio Coop
2 Place Grimaldi
7 mins walk

Organic bread

An organic artisan baker offers bread, pastries, pastries, all in organic products. Almost in front of the building.
Bio Brød
46 rue de France

Non organic food

Carrefour City
15 rue Meyerbeer
2mn à pied

Carrefour Market
9 Boulevard Gambetta
5mn à pied

Other convenience stores
Lidl: 19 rue Dante, 9 minutes on foot
U: 85 rue de France, 3 mins walk

cheese factory

Nerys, Fromagerie du Carré d’or
54 Rue de France
2 mins walk

The Ferme fromagère
3 Rue Maccarani
6 mins walk

Wines from all regions of France and elsewhere

Cave Rivoli
6 rue de Rivoli
4 mins walk

7 Rue Maccarani
6 mins walk

Fair trade coffee from around the world

Coffee Frei
Fair trade coffees from many countries, often in beans, some in capsules.
52, Rue de France
2 mins walk

Artisanal ice cream parlor

Christophe Artisan Glacier
Another ice cream parlor that seeks to present quality products. Why not, the ice creams are appetizing. Indulge.
17 Rue de France
3 mins walk

Canastel, la réputation faite par ses clients
Word of mouth has made this ice cream parlor a benchmark. The basic products are of high quality and the laboratory is open at the back of the shop. Here, the ice cream is therefore made on site. The choice of flavors is wide. Also note, a specialty: the creponé, a kind of lemon sorbet originating from North Africa and which has become quite rare.
Finally, the icing on the cake, you can sit down indoors or outdoors and savor its flavors.
4 Bd Gambetta
5 mins walk

Italian grocery

75 rue de France
3 mins walk

Essential businesses: Restaurants

We recommend some restaurants in our neighborhood, the Carré d’or, in our page on restaurants in Nice.

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