Online reservations

You can make your reservations online.

Advantages of your online reservations

Online reservations can have the following benefits:

  • you prepare for your stay from the comfort of your home
  • you get detailed information about sites, museums and activities
  • you take time to think
  • and you arrange for some carefully considered visits

There’s nothing to stop you, once you’re there, from giving in to an extra healthy temptation.

Transportation reservations online

You’ll need to get around, of course. Our site shows you the bus and streetcar lines to get around Nice at your convenience.

On the other hand, there are fun transports to visit the city, like the little electric train, the gyropode or Segway, electric scooters and even electric carts to go further.
We suggest you to know some interesting proposals.

Book guided tours

Guided tours are relatively expensive. No, not with our proposals. In fact, the reservations of guided tours allow to gather participants who do not know each other and therefore, to lower the rates of the guided tour.
Take a good look at the rates of our partner’s proposals, they will make you want to.

Reservations outside Nice

Many visitors hesitate to visit the region, because you have to document the place, the route and rent a car. No. There are various ways to visit the region, by bus for example, by mini-bus, by train, etc. And moreover, you often have a guide, in French.

Cruises and boats

So there, don’t neglect the boat at all. Rather than using the road, which is often tortuous, you might as well take a boat to visit Monaco or other cities on the French Riviera. Starting with the Bay of Angels in Nice, in an electric boat.

Really, these are practical solutions and what a pleasure!

Other activities

Your entire stay doesn’t have to be reduced to sightseeing or finding transportation. There are also activities that are unique to Nice, like creating perfumes. That’s right, we offer a perfume creation workshop.
Or a ticket for the Hard Rock Café if you like to have fun and listen to music.

All your reservations in Nice

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