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The ice cream shops of Nice are numerous. But the most sought after are those who make their own ice creams. One discovers then unusual flavors, one likes or not, but which deserve to be tested. Here is a selection of ice cream shops, of excellent quality, but not all artisanal.

Among the best ice cream shops in Nice

Canastel, the reputation made by its customers

Word of mouth has made this ice cream shop a reference. The basic products are of quality and the laboratory is open at the back of the store. The ice creams are therefore made on the spot. And the choice of flavors is large. To note also, a speciality: the créponé, a kind of lemon sorbet from North Africa which has become quite rare.
Finally, the icing on the cake, you can sit inside or outside and enjoy the flavors.
4 Bd Gambetta


An excellent artisan ice-cream maker that uses no added flavorings, emulsifiers, colorants or preservatives. Lots of local products.
7 rue Saint François

Azzuro, a great address in a small street

This ice cream parlour has something for everyone. It offers a vast assortment of flavors, taken directly from the fruit and not from artificial flavors (except for the flower-scented ice creams: violet, rose and lavender). Another feature: the ice creams are less sweet than ordinary ones, revealing more of their fragrance. Worth a try.
1 rue Sainte Reparate in Vieux Nice

Fior di amarena, without colorants or emulsifiers

This ice cream parlour is also artisanal. The ice creams on offer are all made locally, without colorants or emulsifiers. As a result, the pistachio is not greenish but rather hazelnut-colored. A good sign. There’s no overabundance of flavors here, just seasonal fruit flavors – around twenty of them. There are also some original products, such as a waterless watermelon and lemon sorbet (always in season). An ice-cream parlour you’ll want to know about, which also offers waffles and crêpes…
1 place Rossetti
10 rue du Marché
2 rue Centrale

Arlequin gelati / César Milano

This ice-cream maker is a creator. He makes his own ice creams, sorbets and frozen pastries, and innovates by seeking out new flavors.
Arlequin gelati 9 Avenue Malausséna
César Milano 43, Avenue Jean Médecin

Fenocchio, a reference

This establishment is an institution in Nice. This artisanal ice cream maker offers a hundred flavors, yes, you read that right. For example, in addition to the usual flavors: ginger ice cream, pink pepper, gianduja, strawberry tagada, verbena, violet, poppy. Tomato-basil sorbet, cactus, beer, etc.
It is the quality of the products and the choice, almost confusing, which made its success.
2 place Rossetti, in the center of Old Nice
6 Rue de la Poissonnerie, in the South of Old Nice
28 Boulevard Jean Jaurès, on the northwestern edge of Old Nice

Néron glacier, a gourmet must in Nice

Glaciers de Nice: Néron artisanal ice-cream maker in Old Nice

This ice-cream maker-pastry chef has worked for the greatest gastronomic houses: the Ritz, Fauchon and the greatest chefs, such as Pierre Gagnaire for example. He has become independent and now focuses on ice creams and pastries, home-made products. The choice of flavors is important, varied, original (ah, the basil flavor, I love it) and you can enjoy sitting outside, on the very pleasant square after the market.
Smaller than Fenocchio, but maybe that’s an advantage, an easier choice, a little less waiting and just as good.
15 place Saint François, in the Old Nice

Christophe Artisan Glacier

Another ice cream shop looking to present quality products. Why not, the ice creams are appetizing. Let yourself be tempted.
17 Rue de France

Yes, jelato

Only artisanal ice creams and sorbets, this Crepaldi family offers a wide range of flavors, without coloring. Since the products are fresh, some flavors are only available in season. Yes, Jelato has something to please you.
5, rue de la préfecture – place du palais de justice in Old Nice


This ice cream shop chain offers organic, Ecocert-certified ice cream. Several dozen flavors of ice cream and sorbets, waffles, hot drinks, macaroons, delicatessen, the original ice cream shops have evolved into a wider range of delicacies.
33 rue Massena

Glacier du pin

This ice cream shop offers many of the usual flavors but also more original ones. Banana marbled chocolate, peanut, licorice, etc. ice creams, and lime and ginger, blood orange, etc. sorbets.
4 rue Cassini

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