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JENK in Nice is a red candy that has recently been replaced by a yellow one. Remember, in 2011, she exhibited her Candy Nations at the G20 Summit in Cannes.


JENK in Nice, red or yellow candy

The red candy from JENK in Nice

Who is the artist behind this large candy installed on the A8 highway?
JENK is the artist who made this famous red candy visible on the edge of the A8, at the entrance of Nice. The motorists who use A8 missed the red candy that had disappeared. No candy for two months. It was just a matter of being patient.

Yellow candy from JENK in Nice

The red candy from JENK in Nice is giving way to a 5-meter-high, yellow-colored polyester candy. The yellow of course evokes the sun, the citrus fruits of the French Riviera, etc.
It is, of course, the artist Laurence Jenkell who is the creator of this sculpture installed on the edge of the A8 highway since January 25.


JENK in Nice, on the edge of the A8, why this place?

Some say that the highway is a strange place to exhibit a work of art. On the other hand, for JENK in Nice and the other artists, it is in order to reach a maximum of people.
This exhibition is only possible thanks to Laurence Jenkell’s partnership with the Escota network of Vinci Autoroutes. Highway Art features more than 70 works on French highways.

Jenk = Laurence Jenkell

His background

She is a self-taught French artist. She lives and works in Vallauris, in the Alpes-Maritimes.
Since then, she creates with materials such as marble, bronze and even Murano glass. She also masters perfectly the Plexiglas, in particular with Ice Candy, Wrapping Bonbon and Wrapping Twist, crumpled packaging of candy. She also works with polished aluminum with Wrapping Twist Aluminum. JENK also makes other deformed utilitarian objects such as the Italian coffee pot, etc.
Through her collection of Robots, she asks herself the following questions:
What will become of humanity when robots have a conscience of their own? What will be our place?
By creating her works, she also wants to question us.
The artist is known in France, but also in more than 50 other countries.

Some key dates

Candy Nations

In 2011, she exhibited 55 sculptures, her Candy Nations for five months, on the Croisette. Her XXL Multicolored Candies form a hedge of honor that welcomes the presidents for the G20 summit in Cannes.

Appearance in 2017 of the Wrapping Twist, crumpled packaging of the candy paper.

In 2019, she is participating in the 56th and 58ᵉ Venice Biennale (OFF) with Personal Structures.
Since 2020, she signs Laurence JENK.
On September 8, 2021, Laurence Jenk receives the medal of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by Eric Ciotti.
In 2022, opening of a studio-gallery in Monaco and creations of Candy Nations, a collection in tribute to Monaco.

2023,a busy year

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, Barbizon invites about fifty contemporary artists to exhibit. Since 08 04 and until 10 06 2023, JENK exhibits his work in tribute to the 50 years of the disappearance of Picasso. It is a Wrapping Bonbon Tribute to Picasso that measures 98 cm on aluminum base and it is made of polyester.
Until July, in Cambrai, JENK also exhibits other large-scale creations. Two of his works are present in Dubai until the end of September 2023.
Laurence JENK, participates in the Concours d’élégance Auto Moto organized at the initiative of Cavigal Auto Moto on the port of Nice. For this occasion, JENK exhibits on the podium a 120 cm Wrapping Bonbon Rouge sculpture. The trophy that will reward the Dolce Vita category is the Monacandy sculpture of turquoise color and 40 cm height. This work by the artist JENK is unique.


The causes championed by JENK

JENK is a sculptor and painter, but not only that, she supports many causes that are close to her heart. Causes such as women’s rights, health, environmental issues or the animal condition. The artist JENK regularly creates unique works for the benefit of associations. We can note the Telethon, the Women’s Foundation, the Monegasque Red Cross or Pink October and many others. Then, in 2021, JENK offers a Red Cross sculpture for the first summer concert of the Monegasque Red Cross. Wrapping Candy Mask is the name given to this unique piece of 190 cm, white with a red cross in its center. This sculpture was not the only one by JENK. 500 mini sculptures Wrapping Candy Mask Collector, are given to guests during the evening.

Mattel collaboration

Jenkellizing a work

Jenkellizing is inserting an object or message inside an authentic Wrapping Bonbon. This was notably the case in a Mattel collaboration with Barbi


JENK Gallery
29 Boulevard Rainier III
98000 Monaco


Website of Laurence Jenkell

Facebook of the artist

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