Massena Museum in Nice

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The Massena Museum in Nice or Villa Massena Museum evokes the art and history of Nice, since its annexation to France.

Musée Massena in Nice

The Massena Museum exhibits documents related to the history of Nice (after 1860, when it became French).

We discover the proclamation of the King to the inhabitants of Savoy and Nice, by King Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy, giving the County of Nice to France. Similarly, the proclamation to the inhabitants of the Arrondissement de Nice by Senator Pietri, in the name of the Emperor.
But the museum does not disdain its origins, since there is also a large portrait of Garibaldi, born in Nice in 1807, and died in Caprera in 1882. Garibaldi was one of the key men in the unification of Italy.
Many other historical documents are presented to visitors.
The Massena Museum also traces the development of Nice, through paintings or photos of Nice in the early 20th century.

We discover the boats of Nice, called “pointus”, pulled on the shore, along what is today the Promenade des Anglais and the Quai des Etats-Unis. The Promenade then looked like a country road. Nice had become a summer resort town, that seems obvious, but also a winter one because of its particularly mild climate.
This museum, very affordable, is therefore a dive into the past of Nice.

Exhibitions at the Massena Museum

The top floor of the Massena Palace is reserved for exhibitions.

Villa Massena and Nice

It was Victor Massena, grandson of Marshal of the Empire André Massena (André Massena was 1st Duke of Rivoli and Prince of Essling), who had the villa built in 1898. At the time, it was a pleasure house in the neo-classical and empire style.

The first floor was intended to be open to receptions, with its vast rooms opening onto the garden and the sea. The dining room with its glass rotunda attracts attention, as soon as you enter the palace.
It was Victor’s son, André, who donated the villa to the city of Nice in 1919, to create a museum of art and history of Nice, under the name of Massena Museum, which will be inaugurated in 1921.

Musée Massena à NicePractical information

Entrance to the museum by the gardens, Promenade des Anglais or by 65 rue de France.

Tickets on sale at 65 rue de France

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