Phoenix park in Nice

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Parc Phoenix in Nice is a paradise for children. Both a small animal park and a botanical park, it is also of interest to curious adults. Parc Phoenix is 7 hectares of gardens and facilities, 2,500 different plant species, 7,000 square meters of tropical greenhouse 25 meters high, a zoo and other facilities.
But please note: Your pets are not accepted.

The Parc Phoenix wildlife park in Nice

There are many places to discover the animals. They are spread out over several areas, depending on their living conditions.

  • Perrots and other birds in aviaries
  • rose flamingos in the large greenhouse
  • paons in the wild
  • wildebeests in their enclosure
  • tortoises, crocodiles in their enclosure
  • insects
  • snakes, iguanas in their terrariums
  • ouistitis, lemurs in their aviaries
  • walabies (small kangaroos) in their enclosures
  • otters in their pond
  • etc.
    All these animals are returned to a natural environment that suits them and, generally, they are visible, apart from a few species that live rather hidden during the day.

The botanical park at Parc Phoenix in Nice

The park is home to many different botanical species. Botany enthusiasts will be delighted. Curious visitors will also be amazed to discover surprising plants and trees.
Several biotopes are recreated, showcasing species from different climates.

  • The oasis, a place covered with date palms, citrus trees and vegetable crops
  • the Provence, its small farmhouse, olive mill and olive trees
  • the citrus garden, with its citron, grapefruit, orange, lemon and mandarin trees
  • the pre-mammoth plants, ferns, ginkgo biloba, bald cypress, cycads
  • etc

Children’s playground

Part of the park is reserved for games for younger children.
There are slides, turnstiles, a mini merry-go-round and more.
Be sure to close the gate after passing through.

The tree climbing facility

A tree-climbing facility is also available for enthusiasts. This section is the only one in the whole of Phoenix Park to charge a fee in addition to admission.

The snack bar

Drinks and snacks are available in the snack bar, with outdoor seating.

Services to note

A changing area is available in the park’s two toilets.
Wheelchair or stroller loan, subject to availability.

Practical information

Parc Phoenix
Avenue Charles Buchet
From streetcar or most bus stops, entrance is by leaving Phoenix Park on the left and going around it.

Bus and streetcar line 2, Parc Phoenix stop
Train to Saint Augustin station

From 9:30 am to 6 pm from October 1 to March 31.
From 9:30 am to 7:30 pm from April 1 to September 30.
Open every day of the year (except December 25 and January 1).

Full price: €5.20
Reduced rate : 3€
Free for children under 12
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