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The Sun fountain is located on the place Massena in Nice, close to the Old Nice. It is a monumental fountain, with an interesting history and aesthetics.

History of the Sun Fountain in Nice

The Sun Fountain is a work of the French sculptor Alfred Janniot. This international artist was responsible for the sculptures of the Bourse du Commerce in Bordeaux, the Mont Valérien and the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris, the Rockefeller Center in New York, etc.Ancient divinities… It is quite obvious to make a parallel with our solar system, the sun in the center, surrounded by planets. It is a hypothesis, but why these only 5 planets? It is generally agreed to lean towards the mythological inspiration.

Aesthetics of the sun fountain in Nice

Nowadays, aesthetics do not seem to be a problem for the vast majority of passers-by. But it was not always so. fontaine du soleil à Nice First, the brave god Apollo wears 4 statues of horses on his head. This quadriga did not bring him any glory, on the contrary. Some detractors nicknamed it the 4cv. The 4cv was a very popular car at the time. And here is our Apollo denigrated to the rank of a car advertising carrier. But that was not all. This magnificent Apollo was completely naked. His firm buttocks and especially his exposed sex were considered outrageous. Especially since some found the appendage too large. The statue was judged obscene and had to be removed. Note that another reason, less anecdotal, was put forward: the fountain obstructed the traffic. It was deposited at the city hall. This did not change the opinion of some people in Nice. It was therefore relegated to the back of the Charles Erhmann Stadium. But it was nevertheless the work of a world-renowned sculptor and even beyond. And Nice was the city that had censored the artist … Finally, he found his place on July 20, 2011, in the center of a large pool, surrounded by 5 bronzes. Fountain of the Sun, Massena Square in NiceIt’s now accepted as is and by everyone. Phew! Well, by almost everyone. A few mischievous minds still like to poke fun at the work, as seen in our photo. But it is to be forgotten because it is one of the symbols of Nice, at the end of the place Massena.

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