Omar Logang, painter in Nice

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Omar Logang is an artist of Sudanese origin, living in the Nice region. He paints Nice and its beauties, to which he knows how to bring out Nice’s luminosity.

Urban landscapes by Omar Logang

These works naturally evoke the emblematic sites of Nice, the Promenade des Anglais, the Negresco hotel, the Ponchettes, the port, etc. These paintings are not simple reproductions of reality, as photos would be. No, Omar Logang brings his own interpretation and sensitivity to them. He forces us to rediscover places.
Nice, of course, but also Mali, Morocco and Spain.

People in Omar Logang’s paintings

Omar Logang doesn’t just paint landscapes. He loves people. He paints them in everyday scenes, like these chess players in Spain, in the shade of tall trees. Or these Malians, men and women at the market or working the land. Or the bathers on the beaches of Nice. It’s an everyday life that opens up before us. Sometimes with looks that call out to us. It’s amazing how distant some of the characters seem, and can give the impression of a certain isolation.

Who is Omar Logang

Omar Logang was born into a family of Sudanese artists. He left southern Sudan to settle in Europe, first in Spain, where he studied art and obtained his nationality, then in France.

I could live without eating, but not without painting

He lives for painting. Doesn’t he say, “I could live without eating, but not without painting“.
In Nice, he paints outdoors, often in large format. He is regularly seen on the Promenade des Anglais, especially in the morning. He’s very sensitive to light, and can pinpoint the best exposure over time.
He has exhibited in Spain, Austria, Morocco, Sudan, Mali and elsewhere. And very regularly in Nice.
His work can be found in Italy, Germany, the UK, Russia, the USA and France, of course.

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