Bettina Rheims exhibition in Nice

The Bettina Rheims exhibition in Nice, Pourquoi m’as-tu abandonnée? takes place at the Charles Nègre Museum of Photography in Nice, from June 15 to September 29, 2024.

The Bettina Rheims exhibition, Why have you abandoned me? in Nice

Bettina Rheims exhibition in Nice = Exposition Bettina Rheims, Pourquoi m'as-tu abandonnée?
“Get a model, celebrity or unknown, to give you that part of herself that she’s never revealed before.”

Bettina Rheims has been a successful photographer since the early 1990s. Indeed, she collaborated with the biggest international magazines, on both fashion and publicity shots. She photographed the anonymous, as well as a host of celebrities.
But her photos also contained a very strong personality. Bettina Rheims has brought together a number of them, in a series entitled Pourquoi m’as-tu abandonnée.
29 of these emblematic works by Bettina Rheims are on show at the Musée Charles Nègre de la photographie. 29 portraits of women.
We admire the portraits of Madonna, Karolina Kurkova, Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci and many others.
We also admire the life that pulsates in the bodies, the character of the models that shines through in the attitudes, in a detail perfectly highlighted, we are challenged by poses or situations. And in a way, these photographs show women in a new light, far removed from the sexualized models of male photographers. We discover a whole range of provocative, touching, beautiful, happy, fragile and powerful women. And sometimes, revealing our own fantasies.

Bettina Rheims

Bettina Rheims (1952-) crosses the world of photography without belonging to any aesthetic trends, but creating her own. Her own, we should say. And often in the company of her partner, writer Serge Bramly. From her series of stripteaseuses de Pigalle (1980) to Naked War (2017)arising from her encounter with the Femen, including the cycle on the life of Jesus in I.N.R.I. (1998), Gender Studies (2011) which questions notions of gender, Bettina Rheims traces her singular path. A path that may lead us to question ourselves.

Practical information

The Bettina Rheims exhibition, Why have you abandoned me? in Nice
From June 15 to September 29, 2024

Musée Charles Nègre de la photographie
1 Pl. Pierre Gautier, 06300 Nice
Attenant au Marché aux fleurs du cours Saleya, dans le Vieux Nice
10h-18h sauf le lundi


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