Estienne d’Orves Nature Park in Nice

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The Estienne d’Orves Park in Nice covers 15ha. It occupies former land belonging to the Estienne d’Orves family. It was named after Honoré Estienne d’Orves, a leading French Resistance fighter who was executed in 1941.

The Estienne d’Orves Park in Nice

This park was created in 2008, on one of the hills surrounding Nice, the colline saint Philippe, in the center of Nice. It occupies a former olive grove, of which there are still many beautiful specimens.
On the hill, you walk along dirt paths, staircases and trails, a bit like hiking in the mountains. It’s a park in the heart of the city, and a real change of scenery.
Note that the disabled are not forgotten. By contacting the park, they can have carriage access. On request.


From certain locations, you can see vast panoramas of the city of Nice: the Russian Orthodox church of Saint Nicolas, the train station, the Negresco hotel, the airport and, of course, the Bay of Angels.

Nature at Estienne d’Orves Park

Old olive trees stretch over a good part of the hill. There’s also a magnificent, venerable thousand-year-old olive tree. Its diameter at the base measures around 4m. There are many others of this age on the Côte d’Azur.
There are also carob trees, ash trees, pines, oaks and, among the climbing plants, hops.
These trees are also home to many birds, familiar to our countryside.

The two villas in the park

Villa Sorguebelle

The Villa Sorguebelle, above the Avenue Estienne d’Orves parking lot, dates back to 1740 and is not particularly attractive, yet it holds a special place in the region’s economic past. Indeed, this Sorguebelle villa was used as a citrus warehouse.

Villa Bellevue parc Estienne d'Orves à NiceVilla Bellevue

Villa Bellevue is located higher up than the previous villa. It’s the former home of Comte d’Estienne d’Orves, but unfortunately closed to the public and, let’s face it, not very attractive. Yet it was a beautiful villa, decorated with refinement.

The landscaping of the park

Parc Estienne d’Orves features a children’s playground near the avenue Estienne d’Orves entrance, above the lycée of the same name.

The park also features a picnic area and benches, scattered here and there, like those around the millennium oak tree.

Practical information

Avenue Estienne d’Orves
Corniche de Magnan

April 1 to October 31: 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
November 1 to March 31: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

bus: lines 64, 75; “Beausite” stop.
parking is located on boulevard Saint-Philippe

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