The LOU BABAZOUK 2 gallery in Nice is located at 5, rue Benoit Bunico.
Currently and until September 24, 2023, it presents artworks produced by children’s groups.

Why visit Galerie LOU BABAZOUK 2 in Nice?

A visit to Galerie LOU BABAZOUK 2 in Nice is a must, simply to find sparkling, original works created by groups of children.
Parents seem to be very proud of their offspring as they happily make their way to this exhibition. Among these children, perhaps some will be future Nice artists? Why not?
Through their works, the viewer quickly realizes that children are not insensitive to art.

The children’s view of these artists is fresh, and the works created are colorful and cheerful.

A painting that represents the children’s guestbook of sorts is also on view.

City of Nice leisure centers

This summer, children taking part in the City of Nice’s Leisure Centers were introduced to Art. The children were asked to imagine a work of art, often involving the association of two artists. We note, for example, Yves Klein seen by Matisse and vice versa, but also César by Niki de Saint Phalle, etc. Sabine Géraudie even visited the site, with the aim, of course, of admiring the children’s works. And perhaps also to discover the creations of her blue chair (Sabine Géraudie by Jérémy Besset but also Sabine Géraudie by Faben).

Galerie LOU BABAZOUK 2 à NiceExhibition presentation

At the “Les p’tits Artistes de Cassini” arts and cultural center, 1,000 children aged 3 to 12 had fun and experimented with different techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture and photography.
The children had fun painting, cutting out, gluing, drawing and coloring, as well as sculpting, and more. Each of them was able to give free rein to his or her imagination.
Both the educators and the children enjoyed and had a lot of fun with this exercise.

Practical information

Galerie Lou Babazouk 2 is located at 5, rue Benoît Bunico, Nice.
Exhibition by children from leisure centers until September 24, 2023, Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 12pm and 1:30pm to 6pm.


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