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Many people wonder when to go to Nice on vacation. For some, it’s to avoid the crowds, others the hot sun. For almost everyone, it’s best to avoid the rain. Or the cold. Because traveling during unfavorable weather can ruin your vacation.

So, when to go to Nice?

It’s a question every visitor asks. And, unfortunately, there’s no single answer for everyone.
It all depends on individual tastes and habits. For example, some people prefer summer because they don’t mind crowds and heat. But others prefer a cooler, less crowded season.
The choice is yours, because Nice can be visited in any season.

To guide you, here is the orientation of the weather in Nice:
Spring (February-May) has less rain than winter and starts earlier than elsewhere.
Summer (June-early October) appeals to those who love the world, lively places and warmth.
Fall (November-December) can be humid, with broad sunny spells. It’s a less frequented season. Some people like it for just that reason.
Winter (December-January) is quieter, mild and relatively sunny. It can be 5-9° in the morning and 10-12° during the day, or even more.

Let’s analyze the weather in Nice in more detail.

When to go to Nice: Nice weather in spring

When to go to Nice Nice weather in springSpring in Nice kicks off in late February, early March. In fact, after the cold of early February (the coldest month), temperatures rise again on sunny days, when nature turns green and blooms.
On the other hand, it’s also a season when it can rain.

  • April is the wettest month of spring, but with just an average of 69mm of rain in the month and 224h of sunshine!
  • May and June tip sharply towards fine weather.

When to go to Nice: Nice’s summer weather

Summer is a dream season in Nice. The Nice summer begins in June and lasts until October, when you can easily discover plants still in bloom. Very sunny then, but with bearable temperatures thanks to the wind.

  • June, July and August are very dry. They exceed 300h of sunshine in the month! Temperatures don’t rise above 27°, except possibly on a few scorching days, with no wind.

When to go to Nice: Nice weather in autumn

When to go to Nice Nice weather in autumn

Autumn arrives late in Nice, say during November and December. But autumn is also the rainiest season. It’s the season of rain, often interspersed with broad sunny spells.

  • November is the wettest month with 132mm of rain but still 187h of sunshine!

When to go to Nice: Nice weather in winter

Winter is another blessed season. It’s worth remembering that tourism in Nice first developed as a winter resort, particularly for the British and Russians. After all, autumn rains diminish considerably and sunshine increases. Temperatures rarely dip below zero, but rather hover around 5°.

  • February sees just 44mm of rain, March, 38mm. Sunshine is respectively 171 and 217h.

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The sea temperature in Nice

The Mediterranean Sea is a relatively warm sea. On average in Nice, it rises from 13° in winter to 25° in summer. This means that bathers can be seen all year round, winter included. So, even in the dead of winter, beachgoers shouldn’t forget their swimsuits and sunglasses.

Storms in Nice

Rest assured, they are in no way characteristic of Nice’s weather, and even less problematic. They’re nothing like those on the Atlantic or North Sea coasts. The sea is certainly rough at times. The wind blows hard. It rains. But it’s always short-lived, lasting from a few hours to a few days.
Nevertheless, storms in Nice remain relatively spectacular, which is why they deserve this special chapter on our page. Just for fun.

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