Palais d’osier in Nice

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Le Palais d’osier in Nice is a beautiful business of woven bags and baskets. It also does caning.

The Palais d’osier in Nice

This rare business has existed for generations, in the same premises, a stone’s throw from the Palais de Justice, in Old Nice. And, except for the bags and baskets, nothing has changed. So the store has a certain charm. And a lot of merchandise, from floor to ceiling.

Le Palais d'osier in Nice, Palais d'osier in NiceThe Canning

Le Palais d’osier also offers caning, for chairs, chaise-longues, armchairs and other caned objects. This is, again, a specialty that has become rare, which makes all the originality and interest of the Wicker Palace.

The woven baskets of Palais d’osier in Nice

These baskets, straw colored, wicker or on the contrary very colorful, come from France, Morocco, Ghana and Madagascar. They are still made by hand. There are still French craftsmen who still weave straw or wicker, but it is beginning to be difficult to find suppliers.
Indeed, the braiders are part of the old generation. Young people are less interested in this craft, yet creative.

We find objects of all kinds, for all uses. Baskets, small or larger, firewood holders, fishermen’s baskets, handbags, etc..
But also trivets, cheese or fruit trays, bowls, cubbies, etc.

An exceptional business to know.

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3 Rue de la Préfecture

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