Other remarkable businesses in Nice

Among the very many remarkable businesses in Nice, we have begun to highlight:

The Toy Workshop

What a treat to discover an independent toy store. The Toy Shop is a treasure trove. The wood finds here its letters of nobility, among very many atypical toys. We also discover, of course, the plush toys, dinettes and other timeless toys. We relearn to let our imagination run away.
1 Place de l’ancien Sénat, in the Old Nice

Nice has many remarkable shops. And among them, very interesting art galleries, with a very diversified style. An ironworker as well.

The artist Grabo and the gallery La Déferlante

Patrick Grabowski, known as Grabo, has opened a special art gallery. Particular because of the works exhibited, the prices charged and the relative ease of access to the artist and the works presented. Grabo practices collage, painting with a knife, he starts (often) from a comic book character and surrounds him with an aesthetic context. Gaston Lagaffe, Tintin, Corto Maltese, Asterix, etc, are thus magnified, going from a colorful drawing to a work of art.
La Déferlante, a gallery that wants to speak to everyone and where you must enter to discover this amazing mix of raw art, street art, Pop art, Vintage, contemporary.
12 rue du pont vieux, in Old Nice.

ArtNice, another notable business in Nice

ArtNice is a very original little gallery. It offers scale models of the famous “blue chair” from Nice. This one is proposed in several dimensions. And the gallery also exhibits paintings, engravings, oxybronze sculptures and artist’s jewelry creations.
2 rue droite, in the Old Nice

The ironworks Le Fer rouge

Other notable businesses in Nice include an ironworks. A family of blacksmiths has created many wrought iron objects for individuals and institutions in the region. And even beyond. Nowadays, the work of the forge has diminished. There remains a charming store, let’s say a flea market of wrought iron objects. Chandeliers, floor lamps, candlesticks, etc. Let us note an old chandelier made by a grandfather companion, whose branches are fixed without any welding! A feat.
8 Rue de la Boucherie, in Old Nice

Nicolet Workshop

This Nicolet workshop of shoe repair and leather goods offers to repair your shoes or make custom ones for you. But Manon Nicolet, a master of leather, also offers her own creations: belts, bags, glasses cases, card holders, etc.
22 Rue Benoît Bunico 06300 Nice

The Wicker Palace

See our page on the Wicker Palace in Nice.

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