Port of Nice

The port area of Nice is partly like a small village, partly more cosmopolitan and commercial.

Place of the pine

Place du Pin à NiceThis place of the pine is famous in Nice. Indeed, it is a bit the heart of the Nice Marais. The district gathers many LGBT people who cohabit easily with a straight population. Together, they often meet to participate in parties or simply to enjoy the Dolce Vita of Nice.
So it’s a lively place, that some people call Bobo. Well, yeah. Let’s say rather a district where it is good to live. Bars and restaurants welcome you until late at night, that’s good to know.


Djiango-artist à Nice

Django-artist place de l'île de Beauté à Nice

David Djian, alias Djiango-artist, is an artist whose work oscillates between painting and architecture.
His portraits, broken down into small spots that escape, have made him famous. And it is under the arcades of the square of the island of beauty, that we discover great and beautiful works. A moment of emotion, so much his portraits attract the glance and call our imagination.
His works are exhibited in galleries in Clermont-Ferrand, Tel-Aviv, Paris, Lyon and at the Elie Art Gallery, Cremat Castle, Nice.

Notre-Dame-du-Port in Nice

The church of Notre-Dame-du-Port in Nice is also called Church of the Immaculate Conception. Indeed, the church is dedicated to Mary.
It was built during the reign of the king of Sardinia Charles-Felix, by the architect Giuseppe Vernier, who was also responsible for the layout of the square on the Isle of Beauty.
But, the work almost completed, the church collapsed in 1845. It had to be rebuilt and finally completed in 1863.
The church, in neo-classical style, has a bell tower at the back of the building. On the façade, it has a columned overhang, designed by the architect Jules Febvre, since 1896.
Inside, the bombed ceiling was rebuilt in concrete in 1950.
Notre-Dame-du-Port de Nice has known a tumultuous life but still dominates the Lympia port of Nice.

Autres lieux remarquables du quartier du Port

  • Quartier des antiquaires dans le quartier du port à NiceTo the north of the port, lies the beautiful Place Arson. It is one of the meeting places of the bowlers.
  • Rue Catherine Ségurane and Rue Antoine Gautier still have antique shops.
  • A little further east, there is the Terra Amata museum of prehistory.

The port of Nice

Big ferries

Corsica Ferry dans le port de NiceThe port of Nice welcomes ferries to Corsica and Italy. And the most frequent are those to Ile Rousse.
In Sardinia, the port is Golfo Aranci.
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Arrival of the ferry in the port of Nice

Departure of the ferry from Nice to Corsica

The “pointus”

The “pointus” are fishermen’s boats whose bow and stern are pointed, hence their name. They are indeed pointed in front and behind. These traditional boats from Nice are still moored in the port of Nice, well maintained. Some of them still have a mast that supported the sails.

The other boats

Among the other boats, there is a great diversity, from the small fishermen’s park to the big imposing yacht. Regularly, one can discover the ships of the biggest stars and the richest people of the planet.

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