Nice’s Notre-Dame-du-Port church

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Nice’s Notre-Dame-du-Port church is also known as the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Indeed, the church is dedicated to Mary.

L’église Notre-Dame-du-Port de Nice

The church of Notre-Dame-du-Port de Nice, was built during the reign of Sardinian King Charles-Felix (Carlo Felice), by architect Giuseppe Vernier, also responsible for the layout of the square on the Isle of Beauty.
However, with the work nearing completion, the church collapsed in 1845, due to the marshy subsoil. It had to be rebuilt, and was finally completed in 1863.

Architecture of the Notre-Dame-du-Port church in Nice

The façade of Nice’s Notre-Dame-du-Port is white neoclassical on the sea side, with 4 Ionic columns, a portico and pediment. It was added in 1896 by architect Jules Fèbvre, to plans by Vernier.

In 2014, the white facade with columns on the seaward side was renovated.

Then further work was undertaken, and after almost 2 years, we can once again admire its facade and bell tower, its original ochre color, on the town side, rue Fodéré.

His pediment

Atop its pediment is the statue of the Virgin Mary.

This dominates Nice’s Lympia port.

The Latin phrase inscribed on the pediment of Nice’s Notre-Dame-du-Port church, Maria sine labe concepta O.P.N means Mary immaculate, pray for us.

Interior of the Notre-Dame-du-Port church in Nice

In 1944, the ceiling of Nice’s Notre-Dame-du-Port church collapsed when the port was bombed. It wasn’t until the 1950s that it was rebuilt in reinforced concrete.

Fête de la Saint Pierre à Nice

Every year, during the Fête de la Saint-Pierre in Nice, a procession takes place through the old town towards the sea. It is organized by the fishermen’s guilds of Nice.

St. Peter is, of course, the patron saint of fishermen, who invoke his mercy on this occasion. Tribute is paid to him.

A mass is held at the Notre-Dame-du-Port church, then on the Ponchettes beach, a wooden boat is burned (that of the poorest fisherman, who wins a new boat in return).

Historic monuments and UNESCO World Heritage

Nice’s Notre-Dame-du-Port or Immaculate Conception church has been listed as a historic monument since 1991. It has also been part of Nice’s UNESCO World Heritage listing since 2021.

Practical information

Notre-Dame-du-Port Church, Nice
Place de l’Île de Beauté,
06300 Nice

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, mass is at 6pm.
Saturday, mass is at 5:30pm and Sunday at 10am.

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