Zielinska bakery in Nice

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The Zielinska bakery in Nice offers “exceptional breads”.
Please note that this is not a Zielinska bakery but a bakery, so no baguettes or croissants like in a classic bakery. Here, the baker kneads the dough, bakes the bread and sells it.

Zielinska Bakehouse in Nice

The Zielinska bakery is located in the Old Nice. It is the initiative of a woman, Domenika Zielinska.
This historian by training turned to baking, by passion. Having grown ancient species of cereals herself, she wanted to make them known. To make people appreciate the taste that we take the time to develop.
She also knows how to use local ingredients, such as buckwheat flour from Nice or chickpeas.

No baguettes, no croissants

The baker works in front of the customers. From the store, we see the baker or at times the baker, kneading the dough. The ovens are also visible. When the hot bread comes out of the oven, a good smell spreads through the room.
Here, bread is mainly made in balls. A bread that stays fresh for a long time, born from a long experience of several generations. In the past, it was often the women who made the bread, and Domenika Zielinska follows this tradition.
There is no difference between bread made by women and bread made by men. But there are differences between modern breads and those made with ancient flours. It is a whole unique heritage of knowledge that Domenika Zielinska puts at the service of good bread.

Practical information

Zielinska Bakery
4-6, Rue Jules Gilly
in the Old Nice

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