100 titles by Frédéric Pasquini exhibition

100 titles by Frédéric Pasquini exhibition is on view at the Musée Charles Nègre de la photographie gallery in Nice, from March 30 to June 23, 2024.

100 titles by Frédéric Pasquini exhibition

Frédéric Pasquini has photographed moments in everyday life, mainly in Europe. He captures the moment that reveals a reality other than the one we see. He captures the expression on a face as much as the unexpected in social movements, the poetry of a scene, the unusualness of yet banal situations. Art is not only photographic, it’s born of the connections the artist makes. The subjects are very diverse, which already captures our attention. But the photos presented take on another dimension, when you read their titles.
Exposition 100 titres de Frédéric PasquiniSo I suggest you enlarge our photos to read their captions. And you’ll agree that Frédéric Pasquini has a great sense of humor. And his photos take on a new meaning that they didn’t necessarily have at first glance. In fact, the artist plunges us into a raw reality that every visitor will recognize. This is what makes his photos so pleasing, revealing society’s major problems without being professorial or moralistic, leaving each viewer free to interpret. A great success.
It’s varied, colorful, original and captivating. In short, this is an exhibition we absolutely recommend.
But who is this photographer Frédéric Pasquini?

Frédéric Pasquini

Frédéric Pasquini is a photographer from Nice. He has been working as an author-photographer and photojournalist for some twenty years. He is a correspondent for major newspapers. He is a member of the Hans Lucas agency. He is artist-in-residence at the 109 contemporary culture center in Nice.
He regularly exhibits in galleries in France and abroad.

Museum’s official website
FrédéricPasquini official website


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