André Camart’s Transparence exhibition in Nice

André Camart’s Transparence exhibition in Nice runs from April 2 to 21, 2024 in the Lou Babazouk room

Exhibition Transparence by André Camart in Nice

André Camart is a painter who began by referring to some of the great masters of painting, such as Caravaggio. But he searched for his own voice, based on his own impulses and emotions. He soon abandoned the figurative for the abstract.
André Camart paints abstracts to which everyone can respond in their own way. Indeed, his canvases carry meaning – for the artist, of course, but also for the visitor. His work cannot leave you indifferent. There’s always an element, a color, a way of working with matter that guides the visitor. It’s up to each individual to perceive his or her own personal meaning.
Exposition Transparence d' André Camart à Nice The artist is constantly evolving and searching. Like these canvases in front of which we photographed him, which are a search for color transparency. Or could we say: a search for transparency in spite of color? Or these other paintings, which contrast a harsh, even hostile universe with an elevation to greater light and harmony.
But you’ll have your own interpretation when you visit this exhibition.

Practical information

Galerie Lou Babazouk
8, rue de la Loge – Nice

Open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 12pm and 1:30pm to 6pm.

Official website


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