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The blue chairs of Nice are arranged on the Promenade des Anglais and its extension, the Quai des Etats-Unis. They were born, in 1948, thanks to the collaboration of two men, Jacques Ballanger and Charles Tordo. The mythical blue chair is a symbol for the people of Nice.Les chaises bleues de Nice sont disposées sur la Promenade des Anglais et son prolongement, le quai des Etats-Unis. Elles voient le jour, en 1948, grâce à la collaboration de deux hommes, Jacques Ballanger et Charles Tordo. La mythique chaise bleue est un symbole pour les niçois.

Pictures and video of the Blue chairs

History of the blue chairs of Nice

1948, Birth

Jacques Ballanger asks Charles Tordo to create a sturdy chair for his seaside concessions. And this one works on it all his free time. In 1948, the chair was born. Moreover, it is white, but, it becomes blue, only, in 1950. At that time, to sit on the chairs was paying and the municipalities entrusted the management to concessionaires. In this case, Ballanger therefore, owned, its own equipment.

1970, Production stopped

In 1970, production was discontinued. The town halls bought the chairs and they were offered free of charge. Little by little, theft led to the disappearance of many of these blue chairs. In the 90’s, the public of Nice and the politicians demanded the blue chairs.

1990, Jean-Michel Wilmotte

The designer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte creates a blue chair produced in the Haute-Loire, he files the patent in 1998. Unfortunately, thefts resume and are numerous. To respond to this disappearance, the chairs are now going to be fixed to each other, but also to the ground.

The differences between Toldo’s blue chair and Wilmotte’s are minimal. Wilmotte’s armrests are rounded, however, the slats, on the other hand, are less thick than Toldo’s.

2011, The Toldo descendants

In 2011, the descendants of Charles Toldo took over the manufacturing.  Many cities now have the original blue chairs.

History of the blue chairs of Nice

Information about the blue chairs of Nice

Where to order the original blue chair
The 1950 Blue Chair Charles Tordo, Shop in Tourrette-Levens

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