Exhibition Catherine Ségurane

The exhibition Héroïque Catherine Ségurane. Legendary figure of Nice, is held at the Musée Massena, from October 13, 2023 to January 7, 2024.

The exhibition Héroïque Catherine Ségurane. Legendary figure of Nice

Catherine Segurane à NiceThe Musée Massena in Nice already offers documents on Catherine Ségurane in its permanent collections.
This exhibition at the Musée Massena in Nice features a wealth of objects, engravings, paintings and documents about this Nice celebrity.
But did she really exist?
Here again, the exhibition is based on historical evidence of a revolt by the beleaguered people of Nice, and the heroic deeds of one or more women.
In short, the exhibition Héroïque Catherine Ségurane. Legendary figure of Nice gives you food for thought.
In the end, whether she existed or not is perhaps not the most important thing. What matters is the image she conjures up of a courageous people.

Who was Catherine Segurane

Catherine Segurane was from Nice, a woman from a modest background. Perhaps a bgadière, a washerwoman. But her exceptional fate made her the idol of many in Nice.
Nice was then part of the Duchy of Savoy. In 1543, the city of Nice was besieged by Franco-Ottoman troops. They had succeeded in penetrating the citadel on the hill, but had not taken control of the castle. An Ottoman was about to plant his flag on a hill. It was then that Catherine Ségurane struck him with a heavy blow from a clothes beater, killing him on the spot.
This gesture galvanized Nice’s resistance fighters, as they awaited help from Charles II, Duke of Savoy, who finally arrived to save Nice.
To save Nice? Not really, since it was Catherine Ségurane who gave the signal for resistance to the Franco-Ottomans.
Since then, she has been regarded as a muse of the people of Nice.

Practical information

Musée Masséna
65, rue de France
Entrance possible via the garden on the Promenade des Anglais, right next to the Hotel Negresco.
Tickets must be purchased first at Rue de France, before entering the museum.

Streetcar line 2, Alsace-Lorraine stop
Bus 12, stop Gambetta-Promenade or Congrès-Promenade

Opening times

From October 13, 2023 to January 7, 2024
Every day except Tuesday, December 25 and January 1.
From 10am to 6pm until October 31st.
From 11am to 6pm from November 1 to April 30.

Official website
Online tickets


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