Maison Auer in Nice

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The Maison Auer in Nice is an institution. First of all for its shimmering window display, its baroque interior, its furniture and stucco that catch the eye. The taste buds, on the other hand, are awakened in front of the candied fruits, the artisanal jams, but also all the pastries and chocolates, the pralines, etc.

Exterior of Maison Auer in Nice

Your eye is already drawn to the facade with its moldings, its ever-changing window display. 

Interior of the Auer House in Nice

The interior of the store dazzles the customer, from floor to ceiling, it is a wonder. The color gold is everywhere, everything is precious such as stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers, marble and antique consoles. And the decorations of the furniture and the windows are breathtaking, you can see cherubs, festoons and flowers.

The products

All products are made the old-fashioned way in the workshops behind the sales location. The chocolates, fruit jellies, marrons glacés and candied fruits… contain no glucose, no coloring, and no added fat.  

Pears and apricots, sold by weight, are prepared in earthenware pots. They can also be sold in assorted boxes. There are clementine from Corsica, mandarins from Italy, almonds, calissons and nougat from Provence, but also roasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, caramelized, etc. At least 15 flavors of homemade jam are offered, fruit pastes with strawberry, black cherry and many other flavors. Chestnuts and ginger are either candied in syrup or glazed with sugar, it’s all about taste.

The Auer chocolate factory in Nice makes truffles, cream ganaches, pralines and more than 50 different chocolates, among others. 

History of the Auer House in Nice

Henri Auer left Switzerland for France in 1820. In 1850, he already owned three confectioneries in Toulon, it was then that he bought a store specializing in candied fruits in Nice. It is the store which nowadays still belongs to the same Auer family.

In summary

5 generations, from Henri Auer to Thierry Auer, perpetuate a know-how, a tradition and a heritage. The quality of the work, the chosen ingredients, the welcome make the reputation of the Chocolaterie Auer in Nice.



Maison Auer 
7 rue St François de Paule
in Old Nice, opposite the Opera
06300 Nice

You can of course visit the very nice store, but you can also order via the online store.

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday, from 09H00 to 13H30 and 14H00 to 18H00, closed on Sunday.


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