Pissaladière of Nice

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The pissaladière would be of Ligurian origin. If it is found throughout the Ligurian and Provencal region, the people of Nice have made it a very specific specialty.

Pissaladière of Nice preparation

Pissaladière, a traditional Niçoise cuisine
© Arnaud 25 in Wikipedia

Pissaladière is a bread dough made exclusively of flour, water, olive oil and yeast. It is generously topped with chopped and stewed onions, almost candied. In Nice, this is the first specificity of the niçoise pissaladière, these onions are mixed with pissalat sauce, that is to say a sauce based on small fishes, a kind of tapenade of fish or fry.

And moreover, on this bed of onions and pissalat, we add anchovy fillets and black olives from the country.

Other “pissaladières”

You can find pissaladières embellished with tomatoes, arugula or other ingredients. Why not. But it is no longer an authentic pissaladière of the past.

If you spend some time in Nice, you might as well taste the real niçoise pissaladière, in many food shops.

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