Nice cuisine

Nice cuisine is above all Mediterranean, borrowing certain notions from Liguria or Provence. But it has developed its own personality that differs from its inspirers.

Main Nice cuisine recipes

Among the most famous Nice dishes are, among others:

There are still many other specialties: chard pie, pistou soup, rabbit à la niçoise, daube, etc.

The traditional cuisine

Here, cuisine has such a personality, that it has been able to obtain a label: cuisine nissarde, the respect of tradition.
Not all restaurants offering real local cuisine are approved cuisine nissarde. So you can taste this traditional cuisine in many restaurants, those approved are less numerous. See our links below.
cuisine niçoise, cuisine nissardeI invite you to read our pages on restaurants in Nice, some of which are classified as traditional cuisine and some as strict cuisine nissarde.

More info on local cuisine

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For more information on this cuisine

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