Tintin exhibition in Nice

Tintin exhibition in NiceThe Alpes-Maritimes department is offering a major Tintin exhibition in Nice, from January 27 to June 30, 2024. It takes place in two different venues:
Hergé et l’art, at the espace culturel départemental Lympia
– and Tintin and Chang, at the Asian Arts Museum.

Exhibition Tintin à Nice : Hergé et l’art

This exhibition reveals the author, or rather the artist, Georges Remi aka Hergé. Many documents are on display, including original drawings, sketches and objects that once belonged to him, such as his drawing desk.
We also discover Hergé’s paintings, most of them abstract, as well as the artists who were his references, such as Louis Van Lint, for example.
Exceptionally, the exhibition also features plates from Hergé’s last comic book, Tintin et l’Alph-art, an unfinished work packed with artistic references.
Oh, I forgot, on the terrace stands THE famous rocket from Objectif Lune, which has become as famous as Tintin and Snowy.

Exposition Tintin à Nice : Tintin et Tchang

Tintin and Chang exposes Hergé’s relationship with his friend Chang, and more generally with China.
We can see certain documents, drafts of drawings, documentary books, which helped the author to present a China, without errors. Many original pages, drafts, original comics, i.e. copies published in the 30s.
And, of course, a great deal of documentation on Tchang, the real thing, the young Chinese student who introduced Hergé to China. Without him, Hergé would not have discovered Chinese civilization, or at least would not have understood and experienced it.
It’s worth noting that Hergé made it a point of honor to stay on the right track, so as not to present an erroneous China and lose the trust of his readers.

Practical information

Operation Moon rocket on the terrace of the Lympia departmental cultural space

Asian Arts Museum
405 Promenade des Anglais
Access: streetcar line 2, Parc Phoenix stop
Free admission

Espace culturel départemental Lympia
2 Quai Entrecasteaux
Access : streetcar line 2, Lympia stop.
Free admission


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    1. Nous ne sommes pas le musée des Arts Asiatiques, nous ne faisons que regrouper et transmettre les informations.
      Le musée des arts asiatiques est ouvert toute la semaine sauf le mardi. Donc, ouvert le lundi.
      L’espace d’exposition Lympia est fermé le lundi et mardi.

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