Transparence in Nice

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Transparence in Nice is Thierry Wintrebert’s plexiglass inclusions store. Incredibly inventive artistic works.

Transparence in Nice

This incomparable art business offers hundreds of plexiglass inclusions. It’s a far cry from simple resin, which is fragile and doesn’t age well. Here, the plexiglass reflects its incomparable light. Indeed, one of its great qualities is that it is beautifully luminous.
But it has another property, that of refraction. A certain mirror effect which, under certain angles, splits the included subject.
Everything is light in the plexiglass, a magical light.

Transparence and the objects of inclusion in plexiglass

Thierry Wintrebert is a specialist in model ships and marine objects.
The objects are made of metal in the workshop for the most part.
There are many marine subjects: beautiful sailboats, pointus niçois of course, divers under the bubbles of their breath, colored fish, etc.
But the inventiveness of Thierry Wintrebert is without limit. He also includes Nice’s iconic blue chairs, insects, fish, and a multitude of everyday objects: soda bottles, thimbles, watches, paint tubes, dripping faucets, etc.
Also Mondrian-like motifs.
It is impossible to list here the infinite diversity of subjects. There is something for everyone. This wealth of inspiration can only be seen by visiting this Ali Baba’s cave of plexiglass inclusion.

A difficult and masterful technique

These objects are included in a gangue of liquid plexiglass. Then, this gangue is itself included in a parallelepiped mold filled with liquid plexiglass.

The whole is then heated to 120° for 8 hours in an autoclave under a pressure of 10 bars.
Once cooled, the parallelepiped is dull and hollow on each side, due to a natural shrinkage of the material. It is then necessary to sand the faces to make a perfectly smooth and brilliant parallelepiped.
A huge job then, before getting the bright and perfect objects you see on display.

Transparency in Nice, Plexiglass InclusionsPractical Information

2 rue JulesGilly
in the Old Nice

Prices starting at 50€

Official website

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