Un carré + un carré, exhibition by Annie Alunni

Un carré + un carré, exhibition by Annie Alunni at Lou Babazouk 2 gallery in Nice. Annie Alunni is an artist from Nice. She studied art at Villa Thiole, Ecole Boule in Paris and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. She’s been painting for as long as she can remember… or almost.


A square + a square, exhibition by Annie Alunni

It features some thirty works, most of them made up of several small squares of paintings, which complement or oppose each other. You need to take the time to soak up the atmosphere that emanates from the works, giving sensations of confinement or desires for freedom, sadness or willpower, in short emotions that carry meaning.

Practical information

Lou Babazouk 2
5 rue Benoît Bunico

From May 14 to June 2, 2024
10am to 7pm


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