War memorial of Nice

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The war memorial of Nice is located on the route of the first path, the old chemin des Ponchettes. From Cours Saleya, it was possible to reach the Lympia port. It is dug directly into the rock of an old stone quarry.

The war memorial of Nice

This quarry was used to build the harbor quays in the 18th century, as well as the pier in the 19th century. Construction of the memorial was completed in 1927, after 3 years of work.
The architect of this Art-Deco style monument is the Niçois Roger Séassal, Grand Prix de Rome in 1913.

This Nice war memorial is 32 m high, the niche carved into the stone is framed by an arch.

The reliefs present on either side, symbolizing war and peace, but also violence and appeasement. They are sculpted by Alfred Janniot. The Sun Fountain on Place Masséna is also one of his creations.
And between the two reliefs is inscribed the following words: “The City of Nice to its sons who died for France: Remember the works that your fathers accomplished in their time and you will receive an immortal name and glory”. Just above this inscription is the eagle, the symbol of Nice.
To reach the niche, you have to climb five steps. They represent the five years of the 1st World War. In the middle is an enormous urn on which are engraved the names of the main campaigns of the war, such as Somme, Marne, Verdun, Artois… On the wall below, the names of 4,000 Nice residents who died for France are inscribed.


On either side of the forecourt are steles adorned with bas-reliefs representing the artillery, air force, cavalry, engineers, infantry and navy.

Inauguration of the Nice War Memorial

It was inaugurated on January 29, 1928 by Marshal Foch, but also by English, American and Italian naval officers.
During the ceremony, the families of the victims placed the identity plaques in a bronze reliquary, itself sealed in the funeral urn.

In late October 2018, a bronze eagle-shaped reliquary was discovered in the Monument aux Morts in Nice. This reliquary weighs 31 kg 500 and measures 28 cm high and 42 cm wide. After being cleaned, it was not opened for ethical reasons, but scanned. And it revealed what was inside: rings, bracelets and almost 2,000 plaques of soldiers who fell at the front in the First World War.


The bronze eagle was exhibited at the Nice town hall on November 9 and 10, then placed on the forecourt of the war memorial. Thus, after the November 11, 2018 ceremonies, the eagle-shaped reliquary was returned to the place of its discovery.

Distinctions from the Nice War Memorial

On November 28, 2000, it was awarded the “Patrimoine du XXe siècle” label. But also first prize at the Trophées de l’aménagement urbain in 2004. It has also been listed as a historic monument since May 24, 2011.


Monument aux morts de Nice
Quai Rauba-Capeu

Beware, there are different spellings for Rauba Capeu, Rauba Capèu or Rauba Capeù…

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