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#ILoveNice was born after the July 14, 2016 tragedy in the city of Nice. The aim was for everyone to post a publication to explain why they love Nice.
The sculpture was inaugurated in 2016, in front of the water mirror on the Promenade du Paillon.


#ILoveNice is a 3D autolithic metal structure from France Festivités.
Measuring around 8 meters wide, 3.5 meters high, it changes color frequently. Usually in traditional blue, white and red, it leaves its colors for, for example :
– The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 2021, for the story’s 75th anniversary.
– the colors of OGC Nice in 2022
– a cyclist’s silhouette, to mark the passage of the Tour de France
– during the exhibition of Orlinski’s work, a gorilla over three meters tall was attached to the base of the ILoveNice building
– a pink ribbon for October, for breast cancer screening
– in orange in support of the fight against violence against women for World Day, November 25, 2023.
740,000 posts on Instagram. The #ILoveNice is intended to federate and spread positive energies around Nice and its gentle way of life,” says Nice town hall, which regularly incorporates the structure’s image into its communications media (excerpt from France3-régions).
At its current location, on the Quai Rauba Capeu, the hashtag is in the colors of France, blue, white and red, ideally placed with the Baie des Anges in the background.

In 2017, a partnership between Decathlon and the city of Nice to create a T-shirt featuring the #ILoveNice logo saw the light of day. Profits from the sale were donated in full to three associations helping the victims of the July 14 attack.

#ILoveNice or J’aime Nice

#ILoveNice, the star of selfies isn’t unanimous, it has its detractors.

The Observatoire des libertés would like to replace the #ILoveNice with J’aime Nice. He hopes to enforce the 1994 law prohibiting the use of the English language for trademarks and service marks whenever a French word exists.
“It makes perfect sense in this place and with this language” asserts Gilles Povigna, who had participated in its manufacture with France Festivités. He also adds, “Before you want to start a revolution over a word, you need to find out because there are strong symbols for some people, and the hashtag resonates for many, especially for those who lost a loved one that day. “
The reality is that foreign tourists love ILoveNice and they find it more international.

#ILoveNice replaced by #FreePalestine

At the end of last year, a new twist, protesters were planning to replace the structure at midday, a month after the genocide on the people of Gaza began, BFM Côte d’Azur article.

Technical specifications of the #ILoveNice

Total length: 8m
Total height: 3.50m
Base width: 1.20m
Weight: nearly 2 tonnes
Material: car body sheet metal
Paint: body paint in the exact colors of the French flag
Cost: €9,000 inc.

La Maison de Nice #ILoveNice

Note that La Maison de Nice, which is the official store of the city of Nice, declines the ILoveNice in different forms. Caps, aprons, hats …branded ILoveNice.


Quai Rauba-Capeu

Please note, there are different spellings for Rauba Capeu, Rauba Capèu or Rauba Capeù...

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