Koss exhibition at Lou Babazouk 2 in Nice

The Koss exhibition at Lou Babazouk 2 in Nice presents original work that surprises and challenges.

Exhibition KOSS in Nice

Koss is an artist deeply rooted in humanity. She creates singular works from everyday objects, to which she gives real value. Her Box series is a good example. Transparent boxes contain everyday objects, with written words playing and casting their shadows.
Her Allumettes series is also well worth a look. Yes, matches, admittedly a little larger than the originals, symbols of human life… being consumed.

But on closer inspection, some of the paintings reveal a whole philosophy of life. We’re all matches, we’re all looking in the same direction. Oh no, there are always those who look the other way. And each of us, sorry, each match rises higher or lower, more or less consumed, more or less reflected on the ground, unless it’s our unconscious on which all our psychology rests.
As you can see, you can’t stop philosophizing with Koss.
An exhibition to savor slowly.

Practical information

Lou Babazouk 2
5, rue Benoît Bunico
from March 12 to 31, 2024
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 12pm and 1:30pm to 6pm

Artist’s official website

And from Thursday, March 28, 2024, at Galerie Joha, 10 rue Delille, Nice


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