Pan-bagnat of Nice

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Pan-bagnat of Nice is a typical sandwich.

Preparation of the pan-bagnat of Nice

Pan-bagnat niçois Between two pieces of bread (most often round and bathed in garlicky olive oil), we add the ingredients of the niçoise salad: tomatoes, egg, anchovies, olive and olive oil.
By the way, the word pan-bagnat comes from bagnar (in Provencal) which means to bathe, to wet. This bread is indeed wet with garlic olive oil.

Other pans-bagnats

Beware, for some Niceans, it is sacrilege to modify the traditional recipe. But what traditional recipe? This one has largely evolved since the origin.
Indeed, we can find pans-bagnats containing chicken, arugula, mayonnaise, etc. These varieties depend on the taste of each person but are not traditional pans-bagnats.

If you are in Nice for a few days, you might as well try the real Nice pan bagnat.